Change a life by donating your unwanted Christmas gifts to Oxfam

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Oxfam Ireland is calling on people to donate their unwanted Christmas gifts when their shops reopen this week. Unpopular or duplicate Christmas gifts can be resold at Oxfam Ireland stores around the country to help raise vital funds for their life-saving work worldwide in 2022.

A survey commissioned by Oxfam Ireland in recent years revealed that 83 per cent of adults have received an unwanted gift on Christmas morning. Oxfam Ireland are welcoming the donation of these unwanted gifts to one of their 46 stores across the island of Ireland.

Items accepted for donation include clothes, beauty products, books, gadgets and jewellery, as well as bags and accessories, CDs, DVDs, homewares, soft furnishings, furniture (selected Oxfam shops only) and even wedding dresses. The sale of these items will raise funds for Oxfam’s programmes, including ongoing emergency responses, as well as long-term projects that lift people out of poverty and campaigning that gives a voice to the vulnerable.

Oxfam Ireland Director of Trading Trevor Anderson says, “We are appealing to the generosity of people this Christmas to donate their unwanted gifts. Maybe Santa didn’t bring exactly what was on your Christmas list, but your donation could help could feed an orphaned child or struggling family. It only takes a moment to drop your unwanted gift into one of our stores but it could change a life forever. 

“With 8 out of 10 adults receiving an unwanted gift on Christmas morning, we can help you find a new home for that gift. We’re asking you to think twice before you push that unwanted gift to the back of the wardrobe. No matter how small, your donation will help us to continue our vital work into 2022.”

How your donation can help save lives:

  • The sale of that unwanted top for €8/£6 could help purify around 2,000 litres of water, making it safe to drink for South Sudanese families living in makeshift camps.
  • The sale of an unopened cosmetics set sold for €15/£11 could give a family in the Democratic Republic of Congo an eco-friendly efficient stove, designed to be hotter than traditional cooking methods while using only half the wood.
  • That gift of a necklace that just isn’t to your taste sold for €30/£24 could feed a child orphaned by AIDS in Malawi for three and a half months.

Oxfam Ireland stores reopened their 46 stores across the island of Ireland on Tuesday, December 28th. You can find a full list of stores here

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