Councillors demand for O’Rahilly home to be rebuilt following demolition

by Sylvia Pownall
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Dublin city councillors have called for the home of 1916 leader Michael Joseph O’Rahilly to be rebuilt following its demolition by a developer.

Cllr Daniel Cétinn (SF) said the developer had tried to pre-empt the will of the council which had voted to have the property at Herbert Park listed as a protected structure.

At a meeting on Monday Sinn Féin and the Green Party had a joint emergency motion calling for the house to be rebuilt while Fianna Fáil also tabled a motion.

Assistant Chief Executive Richard Shakespeare said the commencement order was obtained by the developer Derryroe Ltd at 3.30pm on 14 September and councillors voted for the preservation later that evening.

In a previous report Mr Shakespeare accused the developer of giving “false or misleading” information when applying for the commencement order.

Both the Sinn Féin/Green and Fianna Fáil motions were passed after debate was cut short by time limits imposed as a result of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, neighbouring Pembroke Road residents are fundraising for High Court action against planning permission granted to Derryroe to build 105 apartments on the site.

Cllr Céitinn pointed out that the developer was put on notice since last April that the council wanted to investigate whether the property should be listed.

A report by Mr Shakespeare states that because there was planning permission for the site, the house was not a protected structure.

Derryroe had received planning permission for 105 apartments after An Bord Pleanála granted a Strategic Housing Development application on 8 September.

1916 Relatives called on councillors to demand that the house be rebuilt “brick by brick”, describing the current impasse as “the Archer’s Garage moment of our time”.

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