One billion euro local housing bonanza to deliver 4500 homes

by Padraig Conlon
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Thousands of local new homes are planned under a massive €1 billion investment project.

At this month’s meeting, held on Monday, South Dublin County Council considered proposals that could deliver up to 4,500 new homes to the area.

Announcing the ambitious plans, Council Chief Executive Daniel McLoughlin said the project can help the Council address many issues.

“This programme is critically important in that it represents the challenge that faces us during the life of this council and beyond,” he said.

“Notwithstanding this challenge it provides opportunities to deal with the complex issues of affordability and tenure mix while exploring different delivery models.”

2,600 of the new homes will be in Clonburris at the recently approved SDZ scheme.

1,000 are planned for Kilcarbery in Clondalkin, a scheme which led to protests last year following a deal to develop 70% of the council’s site for private housing.

500 new homes are planned for Killinarden in Tallaght, 250 for Rathcoole, and 150 are to be developed at Belgard Road.

A spokesperson for South Dublin County Council said plans still have to be drawn up and agreed on.

“It is expected that over 70% of the 4,500 homes will be delivered as either social or affordable housing,” he said.

“The final breakdown of the five mixed tenure developments will be decided based on the final master plans approved for each site and on the government’s affordable housing scheme.

“The €1 billion investment is part of the Council’s plans for building new homes in South Dublin over the coming years as part of its commitment to the government’s overall Rebuilding Ireland programme.”

Dublin Gazette contacted a number of local representatives to get their thoughts.

Cllr Guss O Connell Independent: “I whole heartily welcome the initiative from the Executives for mixed tenure housing in Clonburris, Rathcoole, Killinarden and Belgard, totalling 1,160.

“These are in response to the Government’s proposal for Affordable Housing, details of which have yet to be worded out and will hopefully be updated for the October meeting.

“In addition, some 29 homes were approved for St Marks in Clondalkin and the potential for a further 2,000 in Clonburris.”.

Cllr Madeleine Johansson People Before Profit: “It’s welcome that the council is now looking at developing large sites in the county for housing.

“Unfortunately, both the proposed Rathcoole and Killinarden developments will be joint venture projects with private developers.

“This means that we will again see public land being used for private housing.

“Public land should be used only for social and affordable housing.

“I’m disappointed about this, but not surprised.

“The council is now ruled by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail who have a long history of selling off public assets to the private sector.”

Cllr Emer Higgins Fine Gael: “It’s great to see the Council putting together ambitious plans for developing social, affordable and private homes across our County. That’s what we need.

“It’s our responsibility as Councillors to ensure that those plans include adequate infrastructure. “Areas, like Lucan and Rathcoole, are already choked by traffic and we need to make sure that we tackle those kinds of issues as we build out.

“For Clonburris that means opening of Kishogue Train Station and delivering an increase in bus frequency.

“I believe we need to build not just houses but sustainable communities.”

Gino Kenny TD People Before Profit: “Obviously it’s welcome news that homes are been built for social and affordable housing in the county.

“I’m still extremely critical of the local authority’s policy on selling public land to private developers in the time of the worst housing crisis in generations.

“Councillors too have an obligation to counterpose others models of housing rather than looking to the private market for solutions.”

Eoin Ó Broin TD Sinn Fein: “South Dublin urgently needs more social and affordable homes to meet existing housing need.

“We also need to ensure that as homes are developed we have the infrastructure, public transport, civic and sporting amenities and economic opportunities to ensure that communities are balanced and sustainable.

“Sinn Fein will be engaging fully with the Council Management to ensure that plans meet these criteria as they are brought forward.”

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