Warning signs for Omicron virus

by Gazette Reporter
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Irish medical experts have sent out an aid to people so that they may recognise if they are suffering from the new Omicron virus.

According to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Holohan, it is much more transmissable than the Delta variety. He said:“Recent international experience and the rapid spread of the highly transmissible Omicron variant here means we can expect to see a large number of cases over the next short period of time.”

If you are concerned that you may have come in contact with the virus, here are a number of symptoms to look out for.

New data also shows that cold-like symptoms are more commonly reported by people with Omicron.

The top five Omicron symptoms are currently: Runny nose, headache, fatigue (either mild or severe), sneezing, dry scratchy throat

If you develop any symptoms you should self-isolate immediately and schedule a PCR test to confirm whether or not you are infected.

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