Old Garda Station to be refurbished

by Rebecca Ryan
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Minister Ross, Minister Moran and Cllr Kevin Daly outside Stepaside Garda Station

A local Minister has welcomed the news of the Office of Public Works decision to re-open the original Stepaside Garda Station and is praising the locals for their efforts.

The station will be open to serve the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by summer of next year.

The building, which was closed five years ago, will be refurbished instead of being replaced by a new purpose-built facility.

The station is one of six Garda stations in Ireland due to reopen as part of a commitment contained in the Programme for a Partnership Government.

Minister Shane Ross told Dublin Gazette it is a “massive success for the local community.”

“I’m absolutely thrilled that the residents of Stepaside have got what they campaigned so hard for five years.

“They said it couldn’t be done, but if we hadn’t had the incredible support of the community, [Cllr] Kevin Daly and I wouldn’t have been able to push this at a council, Dail and cabinet level.”

He said he was there on Tuesday and there are “workmen there who are beginning the process of clearing out the place.”

“It’s going to be the old building. It will be refurbished to make it into a modern garda station. They will have to modernise it because it’s not fit for purpose at the moment.”

Minister Ross said it will mean a “huge amount” to residents because burglaries in the area are still “chronic”.

“I think this will make a massive difference. The fact that it’s going to be open by next July is very encouraging.

“It’s absolutely essential [to have a station] because of the growing population. It’s definitely justified on the grounds of population.”

The news has been welcomed among the community with Michael Fleming from the Stepaside Business Association saying: “Great news for our community. Well done to everyone for all the great work over the last five years.”

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