DCC approve plans to redevelop O’Devaney Gardens

by Dublin Gazette
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Councillors have voted in favour of approving plans for the redevelopment of O’Devaney Gardens on the north side of the city.

A vote was held at last Monday’s council meeting on the future of the controversial site, with elected officials voting in an overwhelming majority to approve a new deal for the redevelopment.

Bartra Capital, the proposed developer of the new project, is understood to be prepared to provided units once intended for private housing for affordable-rental housing instead.

Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe confirmed the new agreement at the Mansion House last Monday prior to the council meeting.

The vote had been postponed from October’s monthly meeting, with councillors agreeing that they needed more time with the proposals on hand.

At Monday’s meeting, 38 councillors voted to approve the plans, whilst 19 voted against the proposals.

A protest was held during the council meeting by housing activists, who attempted to rally councillors to vote against the plans.

The chamber was cleared as a result, with Councillor Anthony Flynn tweeting that the “chamber was in chaos”.

The previous plans had proved controversial, with the affordable housing slammed by many on social media as being too high in cost.

Bartra are to develop just under 770 homes on the North Dublin site.

Out of this, 411 were expected to be private housing, whilst a further 30% was to be social housing, and the remaining 20% to be affordable housing.

Under the new agreement, it is believed that the council had ‘secured a commitment’ from Bartra that 30% of the private units would be purchased from the developer, to be offered as ‘affordable rental’.

These units will be sold to an approved housing body, who will raise funds to buy the homes on offer. No housing body has yet agreed to purchase the available units.

The total number of private homes Bartra is expected to sell has yet to be agreed.

Plans have been in motion for the redevelopment of O’Devaney Gardens for over ten years.

In 2018, the sod was turned on the first phase of the regeneration, which will see 56 new social housing units being developed, which are expected to come on stream in 2020.

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