On Campus Barista Training

by Rose Barrett
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Oberstown Children Detention Campus has resumed its partnership with Java Republic which enables young people from the locality to become fully qualified baristas through an on-campus training programme, writes Rose Barrett.

Following the initial launch of the programme in 2018, 38 young people have become certified baristas receiving their Barista Skills for Beginners Certificate. Oberstown provides care and education to young people on detention or remand orders, supporting them to address their offending and return successfully to society.

The Java Republic programme is a pioneering initiative for the Oberstown campus, which is seeking to expand its educational offering for young people from traditional methods of learning to practical and skills-based training. The coffee education programme from Java Republic enables young people in Oberstown to meet the market requirements for new baristas. It is designed to give young people information about the coffee industry and have enough confidence to go through a potential trial in a café. The young people who take part in the programme go through an intensive full-day training session with a professional coffee trainer from Java Republic, certified by the Speciality Coffee Association.

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