Nursing home proposal opposed

by Emma Nolan
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CHURCHTOWN residents have fiercely objected to a planning application for a nursing home development at Badger’s Glen on Braemor Road..
The proposed development consists of a four-storey above basement structure, containing 101 bedrooms for nursing home tenants. The plan also outlines the provision of new vehicular access from Landscape Road.
The site is bounded by Braemor Road to the north, Landscape Road to the east and open space known as Badger’s Glen to the south and west.
More than 60 local residents were joined by some local representatives at a meeting to discuss the development last Tuesday, March 1 in the Glenside Pub. Newly elected TD Catherine Martin (GP) was present, as well as councillors Shay Brennan (FF) and Seamus O’Neill (Ind).
Residents outlined their concerns at the meeting, which included issues with the number of parking spaces provided – only 18 in total.
Accessibility issues were a priority for emergency services, as was the fire evacuation procedure which would see tenants of the facility have to assemble across the road.
This was collectively deemed “not ideal” for elderly tenants.
One woman said that there was “no way the site could fit a giant nursing home”, and many were confused over the exact boundaries for the site. Another resident said that she doesn’t want to live across the road from a nursing home “where dying people will be loaded into hearses”.
Aodhan O’Fiachain, a member of the residents’ association, spoke to The Gazette about the importance of the residents submitting their objections.
He said: “It’s essential that we object to this; the site is totally unsuitable for what they are proposing.”
Chairman John Clinch highlighted that they “are not against the development entirely”, but that they wish to “negotiate the current plans”.
Many residents, including Redmond O’Hanlon of the Dodder Anglers Club, also highlighted that the sewerage system in the area is already at its limit and simply couldn’t support an increased local population.

Other issues, such as noise and light pollution, traffic problems, the impact on value of neighbouring properties and permanent shadows cast over residents’ gardens were highlighted. The environmental impact on Badger’s Glen and its wildlife was also a major concern.
The council outlined in their planner’s report that they consider the site to be “in an excellent location in terms of the provision of elderly care facilities”.
The report said: “It is considered that, in general terms, the proposed structure could be acceptable in terms of scale, bulk and design at this location.
“It is not considered there will be any significant impact on the residential amenity of the area from either overlooking or overshadowing, given the distances from the structure to the closest residential units (over 30m).”
The report also states that: “The majority of the site is currently an unsightly, underutilised brownfield site and the proposed development would significantly improve this use and intensity of the site and the visual amenity of the site, with the provision of a landmark structure with a strong streetscape to both Braemor and Landscape Roads.”

Residents are strongly opposed to this, as they organise an annual clean-up of Badger’s Glen where they get together to clean up litter and maintain the landscaping.

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