New MRI scanner ready by summer

by Gazette Reporter
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PATIENTS in need of an MRI scan will soon be able to have the procedure on site at Connolly Hospital, with the long-awaited equipment set to be installed and operational by July.
In response to a Parliamentary Question by Dublin West Labour TD Patrick Nulty on when the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner will be installed, the HSE said the scanner was ordered on December 10, 2012 and will arrive on site “as per the schedule of works”.
Anne-Marie Hoey, area manager for HSE North Dublin, said: “The successful provider has met with the HSE and Connolly Hospital management staff to agree on a programme of works, which includes planning permission.”
She went on to say: “To this end, it is foreseen that the MRI scanner will be installed and operational by July.”
Speaking to the Gazette this week, Deputy Nulty said that once the equipment is installed, it will be of huge benefit to patients.
He said: “There were delays from the HSE in terms of getting it on stream and getting it installed in the hospital, so it is looking like summer for it to be installed
“At the moment, if a patient has to go for an MRI scan, they have to go elsewhere to get the scan. That means travel [for the patient], and it also means extra costs [for the HSE].
“When the MRI [scanner] is in place, it means people in the catchment area can get their scan there in the hospital.

“It is also more efficient for the taxpayer because it will mean it can be done quickly and on-site rather than being outsourced, which is needed with something as important as an MRI scan.
“I think the scanner should have been in place for some time, given the huge catchment area Connolly [Hospital] caters for. With that being said, I think it is important to focus on getting it up and running and operational.
“Unfortunately, the HSE has dragged their feet in getting it installed and operational, but once it is there and installed, it will be of huge benefit to patients,” said Deputy Nulty.

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