Damaging NCT decision to cancel cash transactions must be reversed – Aontú DL rep

by Rose Barrett
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Aontú Dún Laoghaire LEA Rep Mairead Tóibín has called on the NCT to reverse their damaging decision to get rid of cash transactions.

She stated: “Cash is inclusive. Cash provides a simple payment method for every one irrespective of access to the internet, smart phones or the ability to use technology. Cash is crucial for the inclusion of socially vulnerable citizens such as the elderly or lower-income groups and people living in rural areas without access to technology or poor broadband coverage.

“Ending the use of cash is a kick in the stomach to older people. It makes older people dependent on others to complete online transactions. It reduces their autonomy when we should be encouraging them to live full and independent lives. Older people have to asktheir children or neighbours to carry out everyday actions on their behalf.

“This does real damage to their confidence. Indeed, Age advocacy groups came out strongly against the ending of cash at GAA matches for this reason”.

Above: Aontú Dún Laoghaire LEA Rep Mairead Tóibín

She continued: “Phone and internet coverage is extremely sketchy in many parts of the country. Discommoding many people who live in rural areas from these transactions is absolutely wrong. And I am not talking about the wilds of Connemara. I am talking about people living in suburbia, or just outside large urban centres in Dublin and across the country.

“Also, there are many people who can’t use phones for complicated transaction. Many many people can’t use the authentication software on banking apps necessary to make transactions. Signals often drop before
authentication can be competed”.

“I would say that this is a more damaging decision than even the GAA or the banking decisions as this is a mandatory state service. You cannot drive unless you have an NCT certificate. The penalty for driving without an NCT certificate is a fine of up to €2,000, and/or up to 5 penalty points and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months. I think this decision is a bit ich coming from the NCT also given that they cannot run their service as properly. Many people have had massive delays over the last year”.

“The Central Bank of Ireland states clearly that cash ensures your freedom and autonomy. It states that ‘Banknotes and coins are the only form of money that people can keep without involving a third party. You don’t need access to equipment, the internet or electricity to pay with cash, meaning it can be used when the power is down or if you lose your

“It states that ‘Cash helps you keep track of your expenses. Cash allows you to keep closer control of your spending, for example by preventing you from overspending. It’s secure. Cash has proven to be secure in terms of cybercrime, fraud
and counterfeiting. And, as it’s central bank money, it doesn’t entail financial risks for either the payer or the payee’.

“Cash is also legal tender. According to the Central Bank of Europe, creditors, such as shops and restaurants, cannot refuse cash, unless both they and the customer have agreed on another means of payment in advance. Its time that the Minister of Finance clarified what does this mean. Does it mean that organisations such as the NCT in the pay of
state can unilaterally kill cash?” she concluded.

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