Can you help make a miracle for Maya?

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

Nasanbuyan Tseveen aka ‘Nasa’ came to Ireland in 2018 for one purpose and one only – to work and raise funding to help her little son Maya lead a more normal life.

And work she certainly does; she currently works as a beautician at Mudpie Beauty Salon in Dundrum Shopping while also doing night shifts as a cleaner and working as a movie extra.

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Gan-Ochir Munkhtenger was born in 2014 in Mongolia and his name shortened to Maya, meaning miracle. Born with suspected Diaplegia Cerebral Palsy, Nasa and her husband were told their son would never walk when he was three months old.

“Sadly, when Maya was a year old, his father left and went his own way. As a single mother, I had to make the hardest decision to leave my home country and my son behind with my mother, so I could earn more money to give Maya a better life and future.”  

Nasa travelled from Mongolia to Ireland and is now based in Churchtown.

“Maya needs the support of a wheelchair for mobility which is difficult in Mongolia where there is little disability access. While he started school last year, I fear this will lead to isolation as he gets older.”

Nasa was told the only help for her son’s condition was physiotherapy. She pays for private physiotherapy sessions as there are few services available in public hospitals.

“My mom, Ryun, offered to take care of Maya, to allow me to work and she has been an absolute angel, for Maya and I. She arranges his physiotherapy and tries to give him a ‘normal’ life.”

And he is a lovely natured boy, who loves his cartoons, watching movies and documentaries on animals.

Recently, Nasa discovered that there is a procedure that could be life changing for her son called ‘’Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy’’ (SDR) surgery.

“But it must be completed before he turns nine years of age – and he is now eight. The surgery can be done only once in his lifetime and hopefully, he could then walk on his own,” said Nasa.

However, not many countries provide the SDR treatment. Nasa identified Great Ormond Street Hospital in the UK as one that does.

“We’ve established they will do the surgery and we are working closely with them so  Maya might have an opportunity to walk to school, to go to college, to explore the amazing world as any parent would want for their child!”

Hence, Nasa has launched a GoFundMe for her little boy, along with many fundraisers at home in Mongolia – such as swimming challenges, races, volleyball, etc.

“If you can spare anything at all, every little bit will help,” added Nasa. “We would be extremely grateful for every donation which will go towards the surgery, travel and longterm rehabilitation after the procedure.

“CRC in Dublin have already offered to help with the rehabilitation. Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you all.”

Nasa stated that Bridget and staff at Mudpie Beauty Salon have been so kind and so supportive of her. To donate to Maya’s miracle, see

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