Mixed views over on N11/M11 Improvement Scheme

by Rebecca Ryan
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There has been some mixed reaction over an ‘N11/M11 Improvement Scheme’.

The N11/M11 is 22 kilometres in length between Junction 4 to Junction 14 from the N11 merge with the M50 in the north, to the Coynes Cross junction in the south.

The majority of the project is within the administrative boundaries of Wicklow County Council; however, four kilometres of the road corridor is within Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

Arup were appointed in November 2018 as the lead consultant to progress the project through Phases one to four, and the scheme has been identified in Project Ireland 2040 as one of the 20 priority National Roads to be progressed.

There has been some debate online recently, with locals views on the scheme. Some welcome the plans to ease traffic congestion, whilst others feel it will be damaging the environment.

One wrote: “Don’t they know there’s a climate emergency and that this will make it worse, in order to accommodate more cars? Destroying nature, public amenities, and people’s homes is not fighting climate change – it’s the opposite.”

Another wrote: “These proposals have created a state of emergency for the landscape, the wildlife, the amenities and the forests around the Glen area, no matter which route is chosen.

“Among the places scheduled for destruction are Bellevue Demesne – the walks and land at the top of the east side of the Glen – almost the entirety of Drummin Hill just south of the Delgany exit onto the N11, Delgany Golf Club, and huge acreage of land.

“Not to mention a whole bunch of people’s homes on the Glen Road, Blackberry Lane, and other locations. It has to be stopped!”

While another encouraged people to sign their petition on www.thisroadisadisaster.com saying: “We are all for the new motorway, but we want it to be built at the lowest point of the Valley, not on the high mountainside.

“Let’s keep our beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain for future generations to enjoy!”

Others were for the scheme, mostly in favour of easing traffic congestion, with one commenting: “We need a new road. People’s quality of life being ruined stuck in traffic. They can plant extra trees. Don’t be holding it up.”

And another said: “No matter where they build, it won’t please everyone.”

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