MyTaxi to launch rideshare service in Sandyford and Grand Canal Dock

by Juliana Reyes
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MyTaxi will be piloting a new taxi-sharing service in the capital, that would lead to a decrease in carbon emissions, and may lower fares for customers.

“Mytaxi Match” is currently operating on a pilot basis in the Grand Canal Dock area and in Sandyford Industrial Estate.

The new service will allow customers to pair up with other passengers who are going to the same direction to cut the cost for the trip.

The news of the new ride sharing service comes as it’s announced that MyTaxi will change it’s name on July 2 to “FREE NOW” as they are teaming up with the “NOW” family brand.

General Manager for MyTaxi Ireland, Alan Fox, said: “Our new ‘match’ technology forms part of a smart solution to better use mytaxi’s fleet in Ireland, particularly at peak hours, and offer passengers a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly taxi-sharing service.”

The pilot service will use ‘geo-fencing’ as a way to find a ‘match’ for the ride, and the passenger will be notified whenever there is a ‘match’ available. The fares are then calculated on the app.

There has already been a successful pilot in Limerick and it will start in the two trial areas before opening up to other parts of Dublin.

The pilot is a collaboration between MyTaxi and Smart Dublin, an initiative that partners Dublin local authorities, universities, citizens and private industries to tackle the city’s challenges.

Under Smart Dublin’s Smart Environment and Smart Mobility initiative their main focus is to find solutions for reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion by providing alternative transport options.

Smart Dublin Lead, Alan Murphy, said: “One of our key goals at Smart Dublin is to collaborate with industry partners and all four local authorities to position Dublin as a world leader in the development of new urban solutions using the city region as a test bed. 

“Match’s taxi-sharing capacity has the potential to provide additional transit options, build awareness and promote multi-modal shift and showcase alternative approaches to transport in Dublin.  This pilot with MyTaxi will help us gather valuable information and generate insights to better inform local authorities and our partners on alternative and more sustainable transport options.”

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