Leixlip granny sets herself the mother of all challenges

by Gazette Reporter
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Leixlip granny Jean Murtagh is no stranger to the Women’s Mini Marathon – but she has set herself the mother of all challenges this year.

When the event due to take place in May was axed she decided to set herself a target to keep her busy – four mini marathons (a full 42km marathon) in one day on May 30.

Just to keep things interesting Jean also decided she would push a vintage pram while completing 105 circuits of the 200m cul de sac in front of her home in Oaklawn, finishing in under nine hours.

The journey raised e5,000 for her charity, the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, which needs support now more than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Jean also suffered two devastating bereavements earlier this year. She lost her father in law Sonny Murtagh and then her dad Adrian Byrne sadly passed away in March.

Jean said: “Every single one of us are trying to pave our own way through these uncertain times, whether it be grief, isolation, financial worries, or simply missing a loved one.”

Jean has now set herself a new challenge for the VHI Virtual Mini Marathon, which will see Jean walk 10k every day from October 1-10, once again circling the cul de sac in front of her home with the vintage pram.

She hopes to encourage 100 women to join her, with each person committing to raising €100 or more for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. For more see the website here.

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