Mum seeks help after son’s cancer returns

by Rebecca Ryan
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Bogdan Ursu with his mother Ina

An eight-year-old boy from Rathfarnham is fighting cancer again after a heart-breaking relapse.

Bogdan Ursu was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April 2016 when he was just six years old.

He started treatment in Moldova, where his parents are from, and within three months Bogdan was in remission.

Bodgan moved back to Ireland with his mother Ina as she was working here, and Ina also said the “technology in the hospitals” is better here in Ireland.

Ina, who is a single parent after her husband died in a car accident when Bogdan was three years old, said they continued treatment in Ireland.

“The treatment here is for three and a half years,” said Ina.

Bogdan plays for Broadford Rovers Football Club in Ballinteer

Bogdan plays for Broadford Rovers Football Club in Ballinteer

She said “everything went perfect” but on May 15, 2018, Bogdan had an appointment in Crumlin Hospital and things changed for the worse.

Bogdan had an appointment for lumbar puncture, a procedure of taking fluid from the spine in the lower back, and they found out that he had relapsed while on treatment.

Ina said: “It really was a shock for me. I asked to do it again because they might be wrong.

“We did it again and confirmed that leukaemia came back. I was devastated and everything ahead of me was black.”

Ina said Bogdan was so happy when he got into remission and now he was asking in hospital: “Why [is] life so unfair with me? What I did wrong?”

Ina said: “What can you say to your child in this situation?”

Bogdan started the relapse treatment straight away. He will start three months of chemotherapy soon and then will have full body radiotherapy. He also has a bone marrow transplant planned for October.

As all of Ina’s time is spent looking after her son, she has started a Go Fund Me page in hopes of support during this tough time.

“It’s a tough journey for us, that’s why I started this fundraising [campaign] as I’m [a] single parent and I’m not working. We really are in a ruthless battle.

“I spent all my [savings] and [it’s] very difficult to manage everything here as we are in a foreign country and everything is expensive.

“I will be very thankful if you’ll support us in our tough journey.”

The Go Fund Me page has already raised nearly €9,000 of its €20,000 goal in 18 days.

Good wishes have been pouring in for Bogdan on fundraising page.

Laurentiu Popa wrote: “It is not a big donation but [I] hope that the young man [will] get better. We all need to learn something from this and when somebody is in pain we need to help him.”

Laura Kavanagh said: “Wishing your son a speedy recovery and keep your head up. You sound like an amazing mammy!

Some of Bogdan’s school friends are also missing him and wishing him well. Ryan McDonagh said: “Stay strong Bogdan. I miss you making me laugh in school.”

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