Get a Mo’ve on this Movember to raise money for men’s health

by Dublin Gazette
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A vibrant new piece of street art has appeared in the city centre, aiming to deliver a poignant message about men’s mental health for Movember.

Renowned artist James Earley, in partnership with leading men’s health charity Movember, has created an animated piece of artwork titled ‘Leading the Good Fight; Transparent Conversations’, located on Coppinger Row.

It provides a direct and effective message, that men’s mental health is at a crisis point and that stigmas associated with mental health need to be removed.

The instillation of the piece marks the launch of Movember 2019, the annual month-long fundraiser which kicks off on November 1 annually.

Globally, every minute a man dies by suicide. On average, 8 out of 10 suicides in Ireland are by men, with the highest rate among 45 to 54-year olds.

James Earley’s creation depicts a deconstructed stained-glass window re-building itself using transparent, abstracted forms of coloured glass, weaved around typographic forms, bonding themselves together with black lead lines.

James is one of Ireland’s best-known artists: his Blooms Hotel project is the largest public artwork in Ireland to date.

Speaking about the piece, James said: “men need to take better care of their mental health and typically, we’re not great at opening up about our feelings.

“Mental health is an issue close to my heart, teaming up with Movember helps to create awareness and amplify that message.”

Neil Rooney, Global Innovations Manager for Movember, said: “We are humbled to partner with James on this project. By harnessing the visual and social power of urban art, as well as its ability to tackle subjects that are often ignored by society, James has produced a piece that not only creates awareness of men’s health issues but also becomes a catalyst for conversations that can literally save lives.”

On November 29, Movember will host an exclusive art auction at The Hendrick, Smithfield. Curated by Earley, 10 of Ireland’s leading urban artists including Maser, Aches, Joe Caslin and Duda will create a one-off piece inspired by open conversations surrounding men’s mental health. Proceeds from the night will benefit Movember and their investment in men’s health programmes.

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