Moore Street SOS to Taoiseach

Campaigners, including descendants of 1916 revolutionaries, want Harris' support for alternative plan in historic area

by Rachel Cunningham
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The great-grandson of 1916 leader James Connolly has called on Taoiseach Simon Harris to meet with Moore Street campaigners to hear an alternative plan for the area.

The request has been made on behalf of the Moore Street Preservation Trust by James Connolly Heron.

Speaking to the Dublin Gazette, Mr Connolly Heron said that the trust would like to see more state involvement and a movement away from developer-led plans for the area.

In his letter address to Mr Harris, he highlighted that the Moore Street Battlefield Site has been described by National Museum of Ireland as, “the most important historic site in modern Irish history” and a location of national and international historic importance.

“Eight years on from the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Rising, the National Monument in Moore Street lies shuttered and closed and the surrounding area held by volunteers as their last headquarters continues to deteriorate into disgraceful decay and dereliction,” said Mr Connolly Heron.

The Moore Street Preservation Trust, supported by Relatives of the Signatories of the 1916 Proclamation, has produced a plan for the development of a 1916 Historic Cultural Quarter in Moore Street.

The trust claims that this plan meets all of the recommendations of the advisory group to the minister on the appropriate development of this historic site. 

“The Quarter will reflect the aims and the ideals of the men and women of 1916 while mindful of the trading tradition of the area,” wrote Mr Connolly Heron.

“This initiative has the potential to regenerate this neglected part of the inner city. 

“We believe that the government has the ability and resources to accomplish this and to prevent any destruction of this iconic historic site and to preserve it for future generations. 

“In that light, the Moore Street Preservation Trust and fellow relatives would be grateful for the opportunity to present the alternative plan to you in person at the earliest opportunity. 

“We believe that a meeting with you to discuss this alternative vision for Dublin Central will be of benefit in progressing a plan that will have the support of all interested parties.”

The Taoiseach’s office has acknowledged the letter but a substantive reply has yet to be made.

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