Mixed reactions over Glenalbyn pool news

by Rebecca Ryan
Glenalbyn Pool has now been included in the Draft Local Area Plan for Stillorgan

Glenalbyn Pool has been included in the Draft Local Area Plan for Stillorgan and has been met with mixed reactions.

Sinn Fein’s Local Area Representative in Stillorgan, Rosie Ni Laoghaire, has expressed her delight at the news.

She said: “[It] is a clear sign of the council’s commitment to provide a swimming pool within the Stillorgan area.

“In recent weeks, Stillorgan residents have been frustrated and angry with their local politicians, as the news of a new pool in Ballyogan, and the renovation of Dun Laoghaire Baths, was announced with no commitment in relation to Glenalbyn pool.

“The council’s decision this week is a ray of hope, after five years of stagnant inactivity.”

Cllr Barry Saul (FG) said the news puts Glenalbyn back on the map.

“One of the biggest issues in Stillorgan is Glenalbyn swimming pool. Not to have included the pool in the maps sent a bad signal to the local community regarding its future. Despite opposition from the local independent councillor, I was delighted that my motion was passed.

“Our Minister for Sport has appointed a mediator to seek an agreement between the council and Kilmacud Crokes. We await the outcome of this process.”

However, Minister Shane Ross said: “It is important to note that the finances for the pool are assured by the council irrespective of whether it is included in the Draft LAP for Stillorgan 2018-2024. Therefore, this is a red herring. The expansion of the Draft LAP for Stillorgan to include Glenalbyn is irrelevant to the development of the pool. Council management have confirmed this on several occasions.”

Minister Shane Ross and Cllr Deirdre Donnelly

Minister Shane Ross and Cllr Deirdre Donnelly

Independent councillor Deirdre Donnelly, said : “Earlier this year the management confirmed that the inclusion of Glenalbyn Swimming Pool “will not accelerate matters one iota”.

“I therefore see absolutely no relevance in extending the boundary to include something that as far as I’m concerned is under negotiation already.

“The future of the pool depends on the outcome of the negotiations between the two parties involved (Kilmacud Crokes and DLRCOCO) and the extension of the Stillorgan LAP boundary bears absolutely no relevance.”

Rosie Ni Laoghaire (SF) said: “I remain concerned however that there is still no clarification that funding will be available to rebuild Glenalbyn pool, particularly in the light of the potential liability of €33m attached to the council’s commitment to the Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company.

“I am calling on Minister Ross to meet with the councillors to establish a means where the €33m risk can be mitigated, and the actual funding of our new pool be secured.”

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