Mixed reaction as 900 homes set for Poolbeg

by Aisling Kennedy
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There was a mixed reaction to the news that 900 social and affordable homes will be built as part of the Poolbeg development plan, which will see a total of 3,500 new homes built over the next few years.
Cllr Daithi Doolan (SF), chair of the Housing Strategic Policy Committee at Dublin City Council (DCC), said: “This is a good outcome, but it could have been much better.
“The original commitment by Minister [for Housing Simon] Coveney of 620 social and affordable [homes] was never a runner – it was only by standing firm on our commitment to housing that we were able to greatly increase this number.”
However, also speaking about the decision to build 900 social and affordable homes, Cllr Frank Kennedy (FF) said he was delighted, adding: “It is a victory for responsible politics.”
The construction of the 900 social and affordable homes follows calls for the Government to allow the construction of more than the legal requirement of 10% social housing as part of new developments, in a bid to help alleviate the housing and homelessness crisis in Dublin.
At a DCC meeting last week, councillors had voted to increase the number of social and affordable houses to be built in the area, from 620 to 900 units.
Cllr Doolan also said that there was a proposal to build an additional 100 homes for senior citizens at the Poolbeg site, bringing the total amount of social housing units at the development to 1,000.
This vote was defeated, however, so the plans will not go ahead for the additional homes.
Cllr Doolan said: “This is a wasted opportunity. We will continue to put pressure on the department to fund these senior citizen homes.”
All of the 3,500 homes to be built at the Poolbeg peninsula will be apartments, and it is expected that construction will start in the next few years.
When finished, the total population at the new Poolbeg site is expected to be 8,000 people.

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