Epic new film shines a spotlight on life of much loved Clondalkin musician

by Padraig Conlon
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The life and work of much loved Clondalkin musician Mic Christopher is the subject of an epic new film.

“Heyday: The Mic Christopher Story” charts his rise, fall, rebirth, and legacy thanks to contributions from his vast array of friends like Glen Hansard, Sharon Horgan, Mike Scott of The Waterboys, Bronagh Gallagher, Josh Ritter, Lisa Hannigan and Ronan O’Snodaigh.

The much-anticipated film has its world premiere at Galway Film Fleadh on Saturday July 13th.

Mic was an outstanding musician who had just started out on a solo career when his life was tragically cut short in 2001 at the age of 32.

Prior to this he had been a founder member of acclaimed Dublin band The Mary Janes for almost a decade before deciding to go out on his own.

In the autumn of 2001, he was offered a European tour as support for the Waterboys.

Following a gig in Groningen, Holland, on November 18 Mic had a fall on some steps which put him in a coma he tragically never came out of.

His only album, the award-winning Skylarkin, was released posthumously in 2002.

Mic was born in New York but grew up in Clondalkin with his parents Harry and Vaun and older sister Maureen.

They all still live locally and Maureen owns a shop called Loza Wool in Bawnogue Road.

She also looks after Mic’s music and legacy, anyone who wants to do anything with either must go through her.

“Initially when they approached me about making this film I was in two minds,” Maureen tells Dublin Gazette.

“When they sent me the finished film I was apprehensive before I watched it.

“I sat there with a notebook and pen expecting to have a list of things I wanted to change but it was the complete opposite and I told the lads “don’t change a thing!”

“I’m delighted with it.

“It’s absolutely wonderful, they’ve really captured Mic’s personality and spirit.

“They’ve done a great job giving an insight into the type of person he was.

“They also show the thought and inspiration behind his music.”

So what would Mic think about it all?

“I think he would have had mixed feelings towards it,” Maureen says.

“He was never interested in the fame and fortune, to him it was it was all about the music, all he cared about was that people liked his music. I also think he’d be shocked they’ve made a movie about him!”

“I get messages all the time from people all over the world who’ve just discovered his music for the first time.

“Because our surname Christopher is not very common people ring me up and ask am I Mic’s sister?!

“It’s lovely to hear that they love his music, a lot of them tell me it helped them get through a difficult time in their lives.”

Maureen hopes the film will introduce more people to Mic’s music.

“I’m really looking forward to the premier in Galway next week.

“I hope everyone who sees it gets to know Mic the person.”

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