Metrolink in the hands of the Inspector now

by Rose Barrett
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The six-week oral hearing for the Metrolink concluded last month and the Inspector will now prepare his report for An Bord Pleanála, says Cllr Ian Carey (GP for Swords).

Given the scale and complexity of the Metrolink project and its significance for Dubin City, Cllr Carey warned it will likely take longer than the normal three months for the Inspector to complete and submit his report to ABP. Documents made available during the hearings will now be put out for public consultation. 

“The Bord would hopefully, make a decision by the end of the year,  when the planning process is completed and a positive outcome is made. We could have shovels in the ground next year for Metrolink and works well commenced within the first two years of the next council’s lifespan.”

Cllr Carey noted that between Metro North and Metro South, “We’ve been waiting for two decades for this project to start and it needs to clear the planning phase before the end of the year. It’s time to stop talking about this and get it built.”

Cllr Carey looked to the installation of the metro in Madrid as a good example of how timely the Metrolink could be delivered here.

“The Metro in Madrid took 10 years to deliver and it’s twice as long as the project here. They delivered a modular design, and built stations all working from the same modular design, which saved time and money, rather than implementing individual bespoke stations.

“We are hoping to see the Metrolink here delivered in 2034, so we need the planning process fully completed and no further delays. For now, the Metrolink lies in the hands of the Inspector.”

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