Maser to bring Dublin street artists to Vue for new form of art

by Padraig Conlon
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Dublin street artist Maser is bringing his new project to the public eye at Vue, the National Contemporary Art Fair at the Royal Hibernian Academy from November 7-10.

The creator of the Repeal The 8th mural is spearheading a new-wave, entrepreneurial approach to street art through his Charlemont Street-based studio Atelier Maser.

“We are at the forefront of a new concept – street artists who want to branch into the gallery scene, while also still producing murals and installation pieces in public spaces,” Maser said ahead of bringing the floral inspired bold piece to Vue.

He says he is seeking to change the relationship street artists have to galleries in a commercial sense, while also continuing with their street murals and installation pieces in public spaces, an aspect which is integral to the heart of street art.

Maser is pioneering this new form of art, which he refers to as “post-street art” or “post-graffiti”, that seeks to give street artists the recognition and representation of their traditionalist art counterparts.

“This type of art hasn’t been classified yet. It’s not just tags or murals, it’s cross disciplinary and includes sculpture, installation, photography and more,” said Maser.

Through his studio, Maser is also hoping to act as a mentor for up-and-coming street artists.

Maser will be bringing some of his new works and information on the Atelier to VUE at the RHA from Nov 7-10, along with a collection of new pieces from street artists such as Stephen Burke, Aches and Peter Doyle.

Well-known Dublin street artist Aches who will show some of his smaller works at Vue.

His notable installations in the city include the U Are Alive mural on Camden Street and the Savita Halappanavar mural which was painted at the Bernard Shaw Pub on South Richmond Street.

Also featured will be the bold palettes of Peter Doyle, who honed his skills through street art, and Stephen Burke who works with tiles that have been graffitied and then washed.

Dublin artist Michael Craig will exhibit his Then and Now series at the Peppercanister Gallery space, highlighting developments in design and technology by mixing pieces from the 1980s and now.

Vue, the National Contemporary Art Fair is open from 5-9pm on Thursday Nov 7, 11am-7pm on Friday, Nov 8, 11am-6pm on Saturday, Nov 9, and 11-6pm on Sunday, Nov 10. For more information see

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