Anger amongst Marino residents as motorists ignore warning sign

by Dublin Gazette
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Residents in a residential area in Marino are calling for officials to put a stop to drivers using an illegal right turn to use their estate as a ‘rat run’.

One disgruntled local filmed nearly an hour’s worth of footage showing cars disobeying a clearly displayed road sign, showing that there was no right turn allowed.

The footage, recorded over 50 minutes on a Friday evening, shows 59 cars breaking the rules of the road, going against the sign at the junction of Marino Park Avenue and Haverty Road to turn right.

Many of the cars featured in the video are driving at speed, using the cut-through to seemingly avoid heavy traffic on the Marino Mart road at peak times.

In the footage, cars, vans and trucks are also seen taking a wide swing at the entrance to the road as other vehicles are positioned to turn off the street.

The road is part of a cycleway, meaning that cyclists are permitted to turn right.

Senator Aodhan O’Riordan (Lab) told Dublin Gazette that locals have grown frustrated with the constant use of their road as a rat run, and that there is a fear that there could one day be an accident.

He said: “That video was taken outside the gates of a primary school, and watching the speed of the cars, disregarding that there may not be children around at the of the video, does show there is serious danger there.

“There’s already a major problem with rat running and the residents had shown to me that there was a ‘no right turn’ sign that’s completely ineffectual, and that cars are breaking this right hand turn at reasonable speed all the time, and that it’s becoming impossible to have children out on the street.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen,” he said.

Senator O’Riordan also detailed that the National Transport Authority has proposed using Haverty Road as a cycleway as part of its BusConnects plan for the area, to divert cycling traffic away from the main road.

However, residents fear further traffic following down the road if there is an obvious diversion from the main junction.

Senator O’Riordan said: “A similar situation was addressed at Walsh Road in Drumcondra by the imposition of barriers that can be bent back for emergency vehicles and allow cycle traffic through.

“The solution that I would feel, and a majority of the residents would feel, is that the barrier-based solution would work best.”

When contacted, Dublin City Council had no comment on the matter.

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