Man who fired 37 shots at gardai in standoff is jailed

by Gazette Reporter
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A MAN who discharged 37 shotgun rounds in the direction of gardai during a 15-hour stand-off in Tallaght to provoke them into killing him has been jailed.
Patrick Kinch, 48, later told officers that he wanted to “go out in a blaze of glory” but believed he would not go to heaven if he killed himself.
Kinch, of Deerpark Square, Tallaght, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to endangering gardai by firing at them with a stolen sawn-off shotgun during a siege that lasted almost 15 hours.
Judge Martin Nolan suspended the final three-and-a-half years of a 10-year prison term.
Kinch also pleaded guilty to damaging the house where the siege took place and to causing over €7,000 worth of damage to a garda vehicle.
Garda Rory Maher told the court that in the early hours of December 20, 2015, Natasha Donnelly, Kinch’s partner at the time, witnessed him behaving erratically in the house they shared on Deerpark Square.
He said Donnelly thought Kinch had been drinking and had taken valium.
She feared for her safety and fled the house along with her children.
Gda Maher said Donnelly was told by Kinch that she could get the gardai but to “tell them to bring a body bag”. She then drove to Tallaght Garda Station.
Armed members of the Emergency Response Unit approached the house behind a ballistic vehicle.
Gardai spoke with Kinch while he leaned out of an upstairs window and Kinch said he would be down shortly.
Gda Maher said that two shots were fired from the window at 5am and further shots were fired over the next several hours – forcing gardai to take cover behind the ballistics van.
Kinch demanded that they shoot him – roaring “death is natural” and “we all have to die, come on, take a headshot”.
At around 2pm Kinch leaned out a downstairs window, pointed the shotgun directly at gardai and fired. The shot hit a fence and while two gardai were struck with rebounded material, neither was injured.
Gardai observed Kinch put the shotgun barrels under his chin before he eventually threw the unloaded weapon out the window and was arrested.
Kinch, who had 33 previous convictions for assault, threats to kill and robbery, later told gardai: “I saw all of you and said f**k it, I wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.”
Defence counsel Michael Boland said that Kinch had been close to one of his sisters who died in 2011 and had been motivated partially by “wanting to be with her coming up to Christmas.”
He said that Kinch’s probation officer had twice brought Kinch to hospital and demanded he receive psychiatric care in the days leading up to the siege.

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