Malahide Estuary Clean-Up

by Rose Barrett
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Five members of the Swords Pickers collected the trash shown above in less than two hours on Saturday last from the Malahide (Broadmeadow) Estuary, writes Rose Barrett.

“This was from the Kilcrea shoreline near the railroad tracks,” said John Drinane of Swords.

“Sadly, 95% of the waste collected was plastic, at least half were plastic drinking bottles.  Another huge issue is the blue plastic stems from q-tips. They are flushed down toilets and end up in the sewage treatment plant. If there’s an overflow or the stems are really slim, they get through the filters of the treatment plant – we literally gather 1,000s of them within any given month.

Rubbish collected at the Broadmeadow Estuary in just under two hours last Saturday

“Plastic cartridge ‘bungs’ were found in abundance, from the annual shooters. These are hard plastic and non-biodegradable. It’s unbelievable what people dump there, plastic compost bags, paint containers – it’s like someone clears out a shed and leaves the waste at the edge of the water.”

John stated the group is always happy to welcome more litter volunteers. “We’ve been getting great support lately but this is an ongoing issue, so all are welcome.”

You can join the group on Twitter: @wardvalley or email [email protected]

Broadmeadow Estuary

PHOTO CAPTION – John Drinane out with the Malahide Estuary Clean-up group last weekend, displaying the rubbish collected in just under two hours

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