Major revamp plan for village

by Gazette Reporter
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PLANS for the redevelopment of the village green in the centre of Lucan will soon be displayed for public consultation.
It is hoped that finalised architectural plans will be put on display in the village before Christmas.
The proposed redevelopment involves a complete redesign of the existing green area. Plans include constructing a foot bridge over the River Griffeen and paving new pathways through the park. Any concerns or suggestions that members of the public have can be relayed before the final plan will be put to a council vote.
It is expected that the plan will pass muster at the council and will then go forward to be submitted for planning permission.
Early cautious estimates for the works to begin is being offered 2015.
A detailed submission was presented to councillors at the Lucan Area Committee meeting.
“The hope is that we can redesign the green as the vibrant heart of Lucan village,” Cllr William Lavelle (FG) told the Lucan Gazette.
“We want to see a family friendly place that people want to visit. It will help to support local business too,” he added.
The redesign, according to the councillor, will “lift the whole area and turn the green from an area you ‘go-around’ to an area you ‘pass-through’”.
Helping the village to compete with the large retail centres that are located nearby is one of the key goals attached to the proposals, according to the councillor.
The Lucan Village Network has worked closely with the council on these plans.
Meanwhile, another move that is being discussed by the Lucan Village Network is the establishment of a market in the village.
On October 9 the group will host a public meeting in Kenny’s bar for anyone interested in participating in a new market; stalls will be made available for anyone who wants to get involved.




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