Meadowbrook pool not to re-open until later this year, says council

by Gary Ibbotson
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The main swimming pool at dlr Leisure Meadowbrook in Ballinteer has been temporarily closed after an incident that took place late last month caused tiles to be removed from the wall of the pool.

In a statement, dlr Leisure said: “Due to an issue that occurred on Tuesday, February 25 with pool tiles in the main swimming pool in Meadowbrook, the pool will remain closed until investigations and repair works are completed.

“We sincerely apologise for this issue which is outside our control.”

It is understood that the children’s swimming pool in the same facility has been closed since August last year for a similar issue.

Labour councillor for Dundrum, Peter O’Brien told Dublin Gazette that he has reached out to constituents about the issue.

In an email that has been sent around to local residents, he said: “I swim in Meadowbrook regularly. I, and all the Dundrum Councillors, will ensure the reopening of both pools.

“The tiles were being dislodged and need a total replacement and the issues behind the tiles need to be resolved. It is the same in both pools.

“Tenders have been drawn up and we will push for an immediate resolution.”

Cllr O’Brien said that the council is “committed” to funding the repair works and tender documents for the construction are currently being drawn up.

He said: “We are currently unable to give specific timeframe on the works.

“We are committed to keep the pressure and focus on so Dlr Leisure Sports can once again provide a top class facility for our community.”

Cllr O’Brien said the removal of tiles was not done intentionally but due to “existing issues,” and “it seems the wrong type of bonding was used when first put down.”

It is understood the original contractor has since gone out of business.

At this month’s Dundrum Area Committee, a motion was passed unanimously calling on the council to prioritise the reopening of the facility.

The motion read: “This Area Committee expresses its deep concern at the closing of the swimming pool at dlr Leisure Meadowbrook on February, Tuesday 25.

“It calls on the council and dlr Leisure Services to prioritise the reopening of both pools in dlr Leisure Meadowbrook and that the necessary tenders be sought immediately to complete the works.”

Cllr O’Brien says that staff hours should not be affected by the closure of the pool and he has been “given assurances that staff will be redeployed within DLR leisure and no hours will be cut.

“That is one I will be keeping an eye on as any reduction in staffing hours due to a known structural issue is unacceptable.”

In a statement, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council says it is in talks with a “consultant engineer to examine the issue and provide a report which will determine the schedule of works in order to repair and re-open the pool.”

The council says it apologises for the inconvenience but expects work on the pool to not be completed “until later this year.”

“Every effort is being made by the Council to ensure that the works to the pool at Meadowbrook will be expedited and the pool will re-open at the earliest possible date,” it said.

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