Rush Tidy Towns doing amazing work!

by Rose Barrett
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The popular coastal town of Rush is looking amazing at the moment, and much of the credit must go to volunteers who make up the local Tidy Towns Group, writes Rose Barrett. 

Recently, a member gathered six heavy bags of litter from the Train Station to Healys Lane route. The garbage collected include plenty of rubbish and car parts caught in the hedges. Shame that people are still littering, dumping or throwing goods from cars.

The local Tidy Towns group commended residents of Linn Beag estate on their wonderful display of sunflowers and their mini orchard, giving plenty of food for bees and wildlife. Sunflowers are also resplendent at Tayleurs Point, Palmer Avenue, Gaelschoil Ros Eo and some private residents.

Magnificent sunflower display at Linn Beag, Rush

The group also acknowledged the receipt of a push-along edger which was bought using a Community Enhancement Scheme grant from Fingal County Council, a very welcome piece of gardening equipment!

Finally, the TTs group recommends that locals use the ‘Rush Free Stuff Page’.

“It helps us, as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint, reuse what someone else has no use/interest in anymore and saves us from buying new products also, wrote Rush TT online. “Rush Free Stuff on FB – just click and join!”

Apple tree in Rush estate providing food for wildlife


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