A Century of Swing with Luke Thomas and the Swing Cats

by Aishling Conway
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Join Ireland’s King of Swing Luke Thomas and The Swing Cats for their KINGS OF SWING TOUR on Saturday March 30th at Mullingar Arts Centre.   

This brand-new show celebrates 100 years of swing music with a musical timeline of classics from the 1920’s to the modern day featuring Big Band songs like Sing Sing Sing, Puttin’ on The Ritz, Just a Gigolo and Mack The Knife to crooning favourites like Mr. Bojangles, Fly Me To The Moon and Moon River all the way to the iconic swing anthem New York New York.

Audiences have been on their feet and venues sold out all over the country for this electrifying show commemorating the illustrious 100-year legacy of swing music. Luke Thomas has also captivated audiences on The Late Late Show, Ireland AM, The Today Show, The Six O’Clock Show and every major radio station in the country. With two #1 Albums, three TV Concert Specials and 7 personally requested performances for President Higgins, Luke Thomas and The Swing Cats bring that irresistible charisma and magnetic charm that defined the iconic legends of swing music.  Tickets from €28 available from www.theswingcats.ie or call Mullingar Arts Centre on 044 934 7777.

With a stage presence that exudes timeless sophistication, electric energy and effortlessly cool, Luke Thomas channels the suave charisma of Sinatra and the debonair charm of Martin, captivating audiences with every note. With dynamic performances and undeniable star quality, Luke Thomas and the Swing Cats pay homage to the golden era of swing while infusing it with their own modern flair, creating a mesmerizing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

The Mullingar leg of the tour will feature a special guest performance from local ‘Frankly my Dear’ songstress Helen O Dwyer and her dancers who embody the glitz and glamour of old Hollywood with polished choreography and a shimmering visual spectacle channelling the elegance and allure of starlets from the golden era with iconic hits like Peggy Lee’s Fever and Big Spender, Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Boots are made for walkin’ and Marilyn Monroe’s ‘I wanna be loved by you’

‘Frankly my Dear’ songstress Helen O Dwyer

Witness the evolution of swing music through the decades, from the Big Band era of the 1930s to the vibrant sounds of the 1940s and beyond.  From Benny Goodman and Fred Astaire to Dean Martin, Bobby Darrin and Frank Sinatra, each note resonates the essence of an era steeped in passion and creativity.  Celebrate the enduring influence of swing music and get immersed in the rich tapestry of Swing history.  Let the Kings of Swing Tour 2024 be your guide through a century of musical brilliance, a testament to the timeless allure of swing where every note strikes a chord in your heart and soul. 

Prepare to dance, sing, and swing the night away! For tickets from €28, see www.theswingcats.ie or call Mullingar Arts Centre on 044 934 7777.

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