Local hurling club concern with helmets after three shocking incidents

by Padraig Conlon
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The manager of a local GAA club, whose players recently suffered serious helmet related injuries, has blasted the company who make them.

On August 24, Lucan Sarsfields played Commericals in an Under 16 Div 1 Hurling Championship match.

During the game, a member of the Sarsfields team received a serious injury when the helmet guard from one of his opponents pierced his skin and lodged in his left hand.

The injury resulted in a crew from Dublin Fire Brigade having to remove the helmet before the young player could be brought to the emergency department in Tallaght Hospital.

Cillian Canavan, manager of Lucan Sarsfields Under 16s, explained to Dublin Gazette what happened.

“I was lucky I happened to be on pitch giving water and was right beside the incident,” he said.

“I had to act very quickly to limit the damage that may have been caused, as the opposition player was trying to get up with our player’s hand embedded in his helmet.

“The helmet was not tampered with and was in perfect condition, but still got embedded.

“The Fire Brigade said the bar had come out, the top bar was still intact.

“Doctors in the hospital told the player’s parents how lucky he was that no major damage was done.

“It’s the third time it has happened to a Lucan Sarsfields player in the last year, and the 2nd time in the last month, with the Mycro make of helmet.

“I have concerns incidents like this will increase if nothing is done to this make of helmet.”

Canavan said the father of the injured player is also very angry nobody from Mycro Sportsgear has been in contact with him.

“The player’s Dad contacted Mycro following the incident and was told someone would get back to him.

“Even up to last night (Tuesday) he still hasn’t had any contact and he said he doesn’t expect any either.

“He wants nothing off Mycro, he’s just angry they didn’t have the decency to get back to him.

“If it was my company I’d have someone around in 10 mins.

“When the same thing happened to Paul Crummey last year he got a phone call from Mycro the next day.

“But he is a Dublin player, so I suppose Mycro were more concerned about him.”

Dublin Gazette contacted Mycro Sportsgear who told us:

“We are currently trying to establish all the facts ourselves.

“We have come across a number of the same injuries involving other helmet manufacturers.

“The problem seems to be when people are playing with damaged or altered/modified helmets in the majority.

“This has to be monitored properly in some way. Some helmets and guards out there are not fit for use for various reason…age, modified, just don’t pass standard.

“This has to be monitored.

“We have been to the forefront of helmet safety and will continue to try and progress this as in the past.

“We would be slow to comment on any case while an investigation is ongoing and would advise others not to either, as all the facts may not be correct as we have seen in previous cases.”

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