Pool site visited by councillors

by Rachel Cunningham
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Local councillors were given the opportunity to avail of an on-site tour of the new Lucan pool site facility last Friday, January 26, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Sinn Féin councillor Derren Ó Brádaigh commented on the progress of the facility development.

“Criticism surrounding repeated delays toward an opening date have been rife among the local community and people are understandably frustrated having been offered several opening dates, all now long surpassed,” he said.

“The visit was both welcome and needed. This was organised by council management with the developer in an attempt to allay concerns and offer local councillors a true progress report and better appreciation into the nature of the seemingly endless delays in delivering this long-awaited public facility.

Mr Ó Brádaigh criticised the number of delays the project has encountered.

“Last year, I conveyed my own serious concern directly to council management toward greater accountability for publicly procured projects. 

“And despite much anticipation about a revised timeline this morning, we could not elicit a revised date. We were however told that a date will be offered in 3 weeks’ time.”

“Despite delays, I have no doubt that the finished article will be something that the local community will be very happy with,” he added.

“It was evident from the work taking place on site that there is an incredible focus to detail and quality workmanship.

“We were reminded of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ leisure centres that experienced significant issues, with many having to subsequently undergo extensive remedial works long ahead of time, and in some cases closing for long periods, including up to one year in a particular case.”

A meeting for councillors has been arranged with Aura Leisure in the Council Chamber on Tuesday. February 20.

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