Lucan Foroige at Citizenship Awards

by Gazette Reporter
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Lucan Foroige recently attended the Aldi Foroige National Citizenship Awards for the first time.
The group were in attendance at the ceremony last month for their project supporting a Dublin-based charity that helps the city’s homeless.
Both the Lucan Juniors and Seniors became involved with the Christmas Shoebox appeal last Christmas.

Foroige is one of the leading youth organisations in Ireland, working with over 50,000 young people aged 10 to 18 each year, giving young people a place to meet and socialise and encouraging them to get involved in community projects.
They currently operate three groups in Lucan and plan to start a fourth group in the area this summer.
Anyone who is interested in joining the Lucan Foroige groups is asked to contact Claire Hutchinson on 085 1666945 or visit

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