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Rose Barrett

Cabra mother of two, Louisa Moss, who is also an avid music lover, animal right’s supporter and an enthusiastic environmentalist, is really living the dream!  

Mother to Harry (22) who is currently based in Cyprus and Ruby, who at 14 years of age is fast building a reputation for herself as a gifted songwriter and singer, Louisa has most recently began hosting ‘Off the record’ on Dublin City FM 103.

Every Sunday, at mid-day, you can hear Louisa interview a celebrity of local or national interest, be it an artist, musician or a local politician.

“I ask my guest to select 8 tracks, to name their favourite songs which illustrate their lives,” said Louisa with some banter in between.

Guests so far have included Roddie Cleere, a radio presenter himself of KCLR fame, who has done a lot to promote Irish music. “He was unusual in that he was the primary daytime carer when his children were growing up in the 1980s.With the sad passing of his wife Margaret, he also talked about dealing with grief.”

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Other guests were Neasa Hourigan, Dublin Central TD, who talked about her life, and how she became involved in politics. “Neasa further discussed balancing work and family life especially having a young family. “

Her third guest was Dermot Lambert, formerly in popular 90s band ‘Blink’. “He started ‘Garageland’, a great platform for young musicians, among them Ham Sandwich, Lisa O’Neill, Inhaler and others,” noted Louisa.

Music and the love of it, has always been in Louisa’s sphere. She grew up listening to her parents’ influences in music: ELO, the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

“My dad Steve Moss played in a band and I played piano at a young age, I don’t remember a time without music! While I may have listened to Abba as a teen, or Metallica, or Faith No More, I also loved classical music. I really like a mix, a diversity of music.”

And incredibly, she is building a portfolio for herself on the airwaves, already presenting ‘Business Brunch’ on Saturday am on Dundalk FM, plus an hourly programme three times a week entitled ‘Dublin Scene’, which highlights upcoming bands and musicians and goes out on multiple stations across Ireland, the UK and America including KOR Radio, Tomorrow Radio and Your Hits Digital.  Louisa has been invited on to talk about the Indie music on an LA based radio show in the near future.

Climate Change Ambassador

But it’s not just music that floats her boat. Louisa Moss is passionate about the environment. She and daughter Ruby were announced Climate Change Ambassadors by An Taisce last year.

“Ruby and I have been vegans for years as were my parents. I grew up in Trim, Co Meath and moved to Dublin 7 about five years ago, having spent years at Trinity College where I studied old Irish, before working as a lecturer in Old Irish at Maynooth NUI.”

Among other jobs, Louisa has worked in healthcare recruitment which taught her other skill sets.

“I was always raising awareness on conservation, food waste, etc. Along with a few others, we started Cabra Tidy Towns, and a group called Annamoe Pollinators.

“Stephanie Dickenson from Stoneybatter and I began talking in 2020 about starting a sustainable energy community for our areas. This led to the two now well established Sustainable Energy Communities, Connecting Cabra (Stephanie) and Cosybatter, which I am engaged with. Both groups have grown and there is upwards of 30 local environmentalists engaged with these groups looking at building sustainable communities, food security, circular economies and mobility hubs, etc.”

 Louisa stated it was a great honour for she and Ruby to be invited to be Climate Change Ambassadors.

“We are still doing some workshops with An Taisce. We’ve had some very good online meetings, collaborating and learning more about each other’s projects and the science of climate change.

“And in the meantime, I’m doing my radio work. Diversity is my middle name!”

Tune into Off the Record with Louisa Moss on Dublin City FM 103, commencing at mid-day every Sunday.

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