Locals pitch in to give dogs new leash of life

by Gazette Reporter
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BIG-HEARTED Lucan residents dug deep this week to raise funds for the treatment of two dogs who were abandoned at Laraghcon.
The two dogs – a male and a female, since named Walter and Jessie – were abandoned in the estate last Wednesday night, April 12.
A resident from the area took the dogs in the following morning and shared images of them on the Lucan Life Facebook page in an unsuccessful attempt to track down the owner.
The dogs were in a distressed state, with Jessie reported to be particularly distressed and vomiting, and not eating for two days.
The dogs also had not been neutered or microchipped.
Locals expressed shock on social media that the dogs had been abandoned and mistreated in such a way.
One user wrote: “People like this should be banned from owning any type of animal ever again … hope they find a nice home hopefully together and enjoy the rest of their lives.” Another added: “How can people be so cruel?”
Happily, it was later reported that Jessie had begun to eat again and the dogs were settling in to their temporary home.
Walter was reported to particularly enjoy playing with tennis balls in the park and watching Paul O’Grady on television.
However, with Jessie due to come into heat, it was imperative that she be spayed as soon as possible.
Walter also had a number of small injuries that needed to be checked out, as well as being neutered.
A GoFundMe page was set up on Sunday to raise funds to pay the vet’s bill, and within 24 hours had earned almost double the target amount, with the leftover monies after the vet bill to be donated to a dog charity.
Bernadette Fagan, who took in the dogs, wrote on the fundraising page: “We will also be looking to rehome these two together, in a home that worships dogs and will give them lots of love.”
She added that while she would love to keep the dogs herself, it would not be good for her own dog and she hopes to find a new home for Walter and Jessie as soon as possible.
She said: “Unfortunately, my collie would end up very ill. I have been told by my vet not to take dogs in, as he gets very stressed.
“Last year, he got quite ill when I took in a stray, and the vet bill was over €400, so I need to find them a good home ASAP.”

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