Local woman furious after littering fine

by Rebecca Ryan
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CCTV footage of Maud Laul outside Bring Centre

A Sandyford woman is furious after receiving a litter fine for what she claims is an “absurd” situation.

On August 4th, Maud Leal (41) brought a bag of clothes to be recycled at the Stonemasons Way recycling centre in Ballinteer.

She said the containers were full, so she left the bag at the foot of the container to be collected when they would be emptied.

She wrote to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC) to appeal the €150 fine.

In the letter Ms Leal said the bins overflowing is an ongoing issue with the recycling centre.

She wrote: “Therefore I kindly ask you to cancel this fine. People shouldn’t be punished for trying to recycle when it is the council that hasn’t met its requirements to provide adequate facilities.”

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, Ms Leal said the situation is “completely absurd.”

“I’m very upset about it. It’s a completely absurd situation. You try to do good and give to charity and recycle.

“I have absolutely no reason to [litter]. I live in an apartment building. I pay management fees, they cover my bin collection so why would I take a single bin and drop it randomly to a collection centre?”

She said the recycling bins were full when she got there, “There was no room inside. There were already a few cases of recyclables on the ground in front of it, so I just put my bag there with the rest. I never even thought that would be littering.”

The council told her that while they cannot cancel the fine, they have extended the time for paying it to 9th November 2018.

Ms Laul said she cannot afford the fine: “I don’t really have a choice [to pay the fine] or they could sue me for it or something if I don’t.

“I don’t know how I’m going to pay for it, I don’t have the money for it, that’s a whole month of food budget for me.”

A spokesperson for the Council told Dublin Gazette they do not comment on individual cases.

However, they said: “Dumping at bring-bank facilities is a problem throughout the county and incurs clean-up costs to the council.  It also breaches Litter Pollution legislation.

“Anyone using any of the bring-banks is obliged to place all recyclable items into the relevant containers and to take any boxes/bags/containers used away with them.

“In an effort to combat the problem, the council has installed CCTV at a number of its bring-bank facilities and anyone identified leaving items behind when the banks are full is issued with a litter fine. Signage advising of this has been provided.”

The council added that the bring-banks are “emptied on a regular basis and are emptied more frequently at times of higher use” like Christmas and summer time.

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