Local appeals for potential love of his life after bus encounter

by Rebecca Ryan
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A local man from Ballinteer is making an appeal to find a potential love of his life he met on the bus.

Leonard (35) was on the 14 bus last Thursday, September 13 at 10.30pm when a women came onto the bus.

He said when she boarded she gave him a “very warm smile” and sat in front of him “at an angle” facing towards him.

He said she made eye contact with him and then dropped her phone. Leonard said when she dropped the phone he wished he said something to her, but he froze with nerves.

“She dropped her phone and what I should have said was, ‘I hope your phone is ok’ and that would have been an icebreaker.

“When she dropped her phone [she] was very apologetic. She smiled very warmly and said a few things [to me] but I had my earphones in, so I didn’t hear what she said.

“When things like this happen, you think ‘why didn’t you say anything’. I think it was the fear of rejection.

“The energy was there. We all have flaws and shyness is mine.

“I guess the whole thing of rejection, you’re sitting there red faced for the rest of the journey, I was afraid of that.”

The woman in question is about 5’ 8” in height, light brown hair which was tied in a high pony tail. She was wearing blue jeans and a black top had red business cards in a transparent folder. She got off the BCS Broadford bus stop near the roundabout and left an umbrella on her seat which she came back to get.

Leonard doesn’t know if the woman was just being friendly, but if there is a chance she feels the same he said he would like to go for a coffee.

“If you are this girl, if you remember, please don’t hesitate. “I do acknowledge, from what I read, that you were interested in talking and I was just too shy to talk back.”

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