Safe spaces identified for Dublin LGBTQ+ students

by Rachel Cunningham
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In 2020, both Marino College and Kingswood Community College signed up to participate in a new national LGBTQ+ Safe & Supportive Schools project run by Belong To, LGBTQ+ Youth Ireland, writes Rachel Cunningham.

These two Dublin schools now join 11 other schools nationwide in being accredited by Belong To as safe and supportive schools for LGBTQ+ students. The schools received an award from The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland at an event in the Mansion House, Dublin, last week.

This project, designed and facilitated by Belong To, is a whole-school approach to creating a school environment that is fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ students, spanning policy, curriculum, staff culture, school environment, student supports and engagement with the local community.

Belong To’s School Climate Survey (2019) indicated that 73 per cent of LGBTQ+ students felt unsafe at school, with one in three reporting that other students were unaccepting of LGBTQ+ identities.

The research also found that LGBTQ+ students who witnessed staff intervene when homophobic remarks were made were 15 per cent more likely to feel a sense of belonging in their school and eight per cent less likely to miss school days due to feeling unsafe.

Speaking at the event, Moninne Griffith, Belong To CEO, stated: “LGBTQ+ youth need to not only feel equal and safe, they also need the conditions to allow them to thrive personally, socially and academically.”

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