Dublin’s miniature landmarks a big hit

by Gazette Reporter
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By Rose Barrett

A DUBLIN artist has recreated the city’s iconic watering holes using tiny lego bricks – and his work is gaining praise both here and abroad.

Gianni Clifford (35) lives in Harold’s Cross with his wife Lyndy and gorgeous new arrival, four-month-old daughter Sienna-Sofia.

A product designer by profession, he found creating iconic Dublin landscapes and facades has eased the boredom of Covid lockdown.

His lockdown Lego passion has taken him from the Poolbeg Chimneys, to iconic pubs like the Lord Edward, The Harold House, Grogan’s and The Bernard Shaw.

The Poolbeg Chimneys

His miniature replicas are so detailed he has included Lego punters and Guinness pints, a darts board, pub grub, sports TV among his works – even DJ Decks in the Bernard Shaw! 

“I have made many other little nods to Dublin and Ireland on my Instagram page, including The Dubliners, Burdock’s fish ‘n chip shop, a vintage Irish Telefón box, a Guinness tap, a pack of Tayto, a miniature Brennnan’s bread, and heaps, heaps more,” Gianni told Dublin Gazette.

There are roughly two to three thousand pieces in each finished piece and they’d take roughly 12 hours each to design and build – of course, this time is spread over multiple sittings.”

Grogans Pub

At a guess, Gianni estimates he has probably purchased over a million Lego pieces to date.

“I’m currently working on the Dead Zoo, or the Natural History Museum as it’s known to tourists. For me, it is a real slice of Dublin, a building frozen in time, stepping into brings me right back to being there as a kid. I can’t wait for it to open back up!” he added.

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