L-loans to support learner drivers across Dublin

by Rachel Cunningham
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Dublin’s Heritage Credit Union has introduced a Learner Loan, to alleviate the financial burden on young drivers and their families associated with obtaining a full driving licence in Ireland. 

The community-focused financial institution with a strong presence across Dublin has highlighted the significant cost of acquiring a driving licence in Ireland. 

Expenses such as eye tests, mandatory Essential Driver Training (EDT) sessions, provisional licence applications, the driver theory test and the driving test can amount to the region of €1,000. 

This is before the high cost of driving insurance and the cost of vehicle maintenance are considered. 

“The journey to obtaining a full driving licence is both exciting and daunting for many young learners,” said Declan Doyle of Top Gear Driving School.  

“The financial aspect, however, has increasingly become a significant hurdle and even a barrier for many. 

“Through observing my students, I see the stress and challenges they face in balancing the costs of lessons, tests, and the other necessities of learning to drive.”

Heritage Credit Union’s extensive common bond area includes Rathfarnham Village, Capel Street, Fortfield, Harold’s Cross, Manor Street, Nutgrove Shopping Centre, Rialto, Phibsboro, Thomas Street, Walkinstown and Windy Arbour.

“We understand the challenges our young members face in obtaining their driving licence,” said Alan Roche, CEO of Heritage Credit Union. 

“This solution is more than just about mobility; it’s about empowering our members to seize opportunities for work, education, and independence. 

“Our Learner Loan is not about profit; it’s a testament to our commitment to supporting the members of our community. 

“We’re not just investing in their present; we’re investing in their future.”

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