Kishoge station set to lie idle

by Ian Begley
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Insufficient funding for 2015 and a low level of passenger usage at the unused train station in Kishoge are cited as reasons for the National Transport Authority (NTA) not to open the facility.
The Kishoge station cost €6.35m to build nearly seven years ago and continues to lie idle, despite being located near multiple Lucan housing estates, including Foxborough, Moy Glas and Griffeen Glen.
Irish Rail has stated it would not open the station as the NTA had failed to provide the funding necessary for works to complete an access road and carpark.
Speaking to The Gazette, a spokesperson from the NTA said: “While construction of the rail station building and platforms were completed at Kishoge some years ago, the necessary access road and car park were not developed at that time.
“The station itself was planned to cater for large scale developments due to be constructed in the surrounding area.
“However, in the intervening period since the station was planned, most of these developments have not been progressed.
“An analysis of the likely projected level of demand at Kishoge, based on current residential and travel patterns in the area, indicates that the level of passenger usage at the station would be low, and would be unlikely to justify the cost of opening the station at this time or adding another stop to services currently operating along this line.
“Accordingly, while funding is not available in 2015 for the required works to facilitate the opening of this station, the position will be reviewed in 2016 following the opening of the Phoenix Park tunnel link, which will facilitate train services running into the Connolly, Tara, Pearse and Grand Canal Dock stations,” said the spokesperson.
Lucan’s Cllr William Lavelle (FG) called on the NTA and Irish Rail to open the multi-million “ghost station” at Kishoge to serve local commuters in advance of the planned reopening of the Phoenix Park rail tunnel in 2016.
He said: “I warmly welcome the plan to reopen the Phoenix Park tunnel in 2016.
“This is something I have long campaigned for. This proposal represents commonsense planning: using existing unused infrastructure to maximise public transport capacity.”
The reopening of the Phoenix Park tunnel will allow trains from the Kildare line, including Lucan and Adamstown, to travel via Glasnevin Junction to the Connolly/Pearse line, terminating at Grand Canal Dock.
Cllr Lavelle also added: “Kishoge is the last ‘ghost station’ left unopened in Dublin… I am calling on the NTA to release the funding to complete the works to the access road and carpark. I am also calling on Irish Rail to open-up the station’s entrance onto Grangecastle Road so as to facilitate those wishing to access the station by foot or bike.”
A spokesperson from Irish Rail also commented on this issue, saying: “We are not currently funded to build the access road and car park required for Kishogue Station.
“It is not included in our 2015 capital funding, and decisions on funding in future years are a matter for the National Transport Authority.”

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