Would you like to win a super apartment for €6?

Kilmainham property up for grabs on RAFFAL.com

by Rose Barrett
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Kilmainham resident Karen Sugden has lived in Dubin for 20 years now, loved living and working in the capital’s little cultural corner in Dublin 8. But now she is off to work in Paris, France and instead of selling her one bed apartment, she’s trying a novel approach and selling the property via the online portal RAFFAL.com

“This way, there will be three winners,” said Karen. “I get to sell my apartment, pay off my mortgage and head to Paris; a local charity  Little Flower Penny Dinners in the Liberties will get 5 pc of all the ticket sales and best of all, one lucky winner will be the  new owner of my apartment – for as little as €6!”

Karen moved here 20 years ago, having befriended some Irish girls during a year abroad, as part of her college studies. In France, she formed a friendship with Dublin girl, Jackie who now lives in Dunshaughlin.

“I came over in 2003 and was delighted to rent a room from Jackie. But it was during the Celtic Tiger, so I chose the right time to move here, and sourced a job in recruitment easily. I settled in quickly and loved Dublin,” said Karen who is originally from Yorkshire in the UK. “But alas, I bought the apartment in 2006 and paid for it at the height of the building boom.  I’ve never regretted buying in this area but wish I’d bought it a few years later after the bubble burst – I probably would have bought it for up to 130k or less!”

To date, Karen has 22, 000 tickets sold but she needs to sell another 48,000 in the next seven weeks!  The raffle will remain online until the winner is pulled on November 6 next, and I hope to move to Paris in January 2024. I’m transferring there through my current employers, Perrigo, which work in the pharmaceutical consumer self-care sector.

“It’s a lovely, fully furnished apartment and located in a great area, only 20-minutes to walk into the city centre with good transport services. It’s also within a cultural hub with Kilmainham Jail, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guinness Storehouse close by, among other attractions.  But for me, I’d love to see someone win a furnished property, but be completely debt free! 

“How wonderful would that be? Not only could a newcomer get their foot on the property ladder, but perhaps a person or family might rent it out and gain some additional income until one of their children need it?”

There won’t be hidden charges or legal fees either for the winner, Karen assures.  RAFFAL will handle the legal side of things their end and Karen will pay the legal fees from her side along with the stamp duty.  RAFFAL will manage transfer of the name on the deeds, with the fees paid by Karen.

“Their only expense would be the cost of their raffle ticket/s so the new owner could secure a lovely property for only €6!  Hopefully, they can move in during the New Year when I will be gone to Paris! The one bed apartment is a leasehold property with another 472 years to run.

There will, however, be annual management fees due from April 2024, approximately €1,300 per annum but can be paid in instalments..

So buy your ticket now at https://raffall.com/341692/enter-raffle-to-win-an-apartment-in-dublin-hosted-by-karen-sugden  Remember, raffle closes on November 6 next.

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