Kids set off fireworks near dogs

by Rebecca Ryan
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Still from the footage shared on 98FM’s Dublin Talks

A local animal cruelty prevention charity has issued a strong warning after a video showing children setting off a firework beside a woman out walking her dogs in Rathfarnham went viral.

Outrage has been pouring out after the incident last Tuesday evening in Whitechurch and has been described as “absolutely disgraceful” behaviour.

The shocking footage was shared by Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon of 98FM’s Dublin Talks.

People have been venting their disgust online with some experiencing similar instances.

Fiona Cleary said: “Absolutely shocking, terrifying that poor lady with her dog’s. Animals are so frightened at this time of year with all these kids letting off banger’s, but to do it deliberately is totally sick. What kind of homes do they come from. It’s disgusting behaviour. Name and shame.”

Ash Ni Riada said: “I had a firework launched across the road last year at me, my boyfriend, his dog, a woman and her child.”

Sabrina Donohoe said: “This happened to me before when I was walking home from the shop with my daughter. They threw one at us as I passed, and I picked my kid up and ran.”

Darragh Byrne Gregory said: “[This happened] around the corner from me and it’s absolutely disgraceful. They should be charged, or their parents charged at least.”

Gillian Bird from the DSPCA told Dublin Gazette: “It’s shocking that kids are doing this. We have a very high visitation to local schools. We do a big campaign every year with Dublin Fire Brigade and Dublin Bus. We are quite shocked that it’s happening. We are surprised that it happened when it was daylight. The boldness of the kids doing this in daylight is shocking.”

She has this advice to parents in the run up to Halloween. “Parents, do you know where your kids are? Please remind them that fireworks are illegal and extremely dangerous.

“We’d also say to pet owners, maybe its time to start bringing your cats in. Don’t walk your dogs in areas where you suspect you may come across rowdy teens.

“Also, put you’re your dogs on a leash. Luckily that lady [in the video] had her two dogs on the lead, if she hadn’t itwould’ve been more difficult to control them.

“One of the big risks to dogs with fireworks is that dogs who like chasing sticks wouldn’t think twice about running after a ‘stick’ that could end up being a banger that goes off in their mouth.”

She also advised people to report incidents to Gardai and to make sure pets are microchipped with the details up to date.

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