Joy as rescued horse delivers healthy foal

by Sylvia Pownall
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A HORSE dumped on the side of the road and left to die in Clondalkin has made a full recovery – and has given birth to a healthy foal.
The animal – named Rosy by rescue volunteers – was one of two emaciated cobbs dragged from the back of a trailer despite being so weak that they could not stand.
The other horse had to be put to sleep and a harrowing video of the cruel incident showed the animals abandoned at a roundabout on the Fonthill Road on
June 12.
But the DSPCA revealed that unbeknown to staff the surviving horse was pregnant – and the once frail cobb last week gave birth to a foal, named Gracie.
Eyewitness Anna Dolan, who called gardai and vets to the scene, said: “The good news stories like this make it all worthwhile. We can’t save them all but every one counts.”
Anna, a volunteer with My Lovely Horse Rescue, added: “If we can make a difference to a few of these poor horses it makes it that bit easier for me to deal with it.
“If only the other poor horse had pulled through as well. I can still see her; it was very upsetting.”
Delivering news of the miracle birth, the DSPCA revealed that at first Rosy was so thin they had no idea she was expecting.
A spokesperson revealed: “Rosy was gaining weight and looking much better when to everyone’s surprise, she gave birth to a beautiful foal.
“Some good news to come out of bad! We asked the children on our summer camp to name the foal and they have called her Gracie.”
The spokesperson condemned the way in which the two horses were dumped but said they were grateful that Gracie “will never see or feel pain like that”.
Gardai in Ronanstown are continuing to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, South Dublin County Council is in the process of setting up a working forum to deal with the issue of abandoned and neglected horses in the area.
The matter is up for discussion at its September meeting.

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