Mo Makes A Remarkable Recovery From Death’s Door

by Amy Rohu
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BY Amy Rohu

Miraculous Mo, a 12 year old Jack Russell, defied all odds and made a remarkable recovery after receiving emergency surgery recently at the Linnaeus-owned My Vet clinic in Firhouse.

Vet Gillian Johnston, who handled the case, says she feared Mo might not survive the ordeal as the terrier was so sick, weak and dehydrated.

Gillian explained: “Mo was brought to our Firhouse clinic as she had been feeling very unwell for a couple of weeks. Blood tests showed it was clearly a serious case of pyometra, an infection in the uterus and I needed to act quickly.

Mo’s uterus was so full of fluid there was a risk it would burst and cause massive infection in her abdomen. I was also worried about Mo’s ability to withstand surgery and her chances of making a successful recovery.

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She had been so unwell and was so dehydrated I had to ensure she had plenty of fluids and antibiotics before she was anaesthetised and during the emergency surgery in order to boost her chances of surviving the operation and then recovering afterwards.”

Speaking about the operation and what happened next Gillian said:

“Surgery took just over an hour and I successfully managed to remove her infected uterus before it could rupture but Mo was still at risk and still needed further intravenous fluids, antibiotics and pain relief after her surgery. Our nursing team then took over and kept her under close observation. They gave her lots of TLC over the next couple of days and finally tempted her to eat.”

Mo’s improvement has been impressive and after two days she was starting to interact again.

“She was a fantastic patient while recovering from her surgery. The whole clinic got to know her and took turns hand feeding her chicken, which seemed to be her favourite. We’ve all loved seeing her for her post-operative checks and we’re delighted that she is now doing really well and is back to herself.”

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