Investment in greater Garda resources needed – and now!

by Rose Barrett
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The pressure mounted this week on Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris as the full fallout of last week’s riots came into sharp focus. 

While Gardaí and members of DFB were praised for eventually curtailing last week’s destruction in the capital, commentators are united from every sector: there must be greater investment in Garda resources, training and supports. And it must happen now.

Meetings were held with stakeholders including the Joint Policing Committee (JPC) and Minister MeEntee came before the Cabinet and the Oireachtas earlier this week. A debate has raged on the need to introduce Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) and to overcome GDR issues in identifying the looters and thugs who caused the turmoil last week.

Mayor of Dublin, Cllr Daithí de Róiste (FF) stated proper training and greater supports for members of the force must be implemented against future such attacks. Cllr Mannix Flynn (Ind) called on the Garda Commissioner to apologise to the people of Dublin while Cllr Daithí Doolan (SF) said “The failure is not with rank-and-file Gardaí but lies with the Garda Commissioner who has ignored the repeated threat of far-right extremists.”

Antoinette Cunningham, Gen Sec Association of Garda Sergeants & Inspectors said Gardaí members were offered a paltry allowance of €107 per night to come to Dublin and work a 12 hour shift, which wouldn’t even cover accommodation!  All fear the emergence of vigilante groups taking the law into their own hands.

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