One in six couples currently experience fertility difficulties

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

Sims IVF, a leading fertility provider with six clinics across Ireland, this week launched an open discussion initiative on infertility.

As part of this, the organisation has released two patient stories that illustrate the prevalence of infertility in Ireland, plus have revealed the top five considerations that fertility patients wish others would make.

The company aims to breakdown stigma around discussing fertility issues and to educate people on the wide range of supports that are available nationwide. In the majority of cases, a couple can be helped with assisted reproductive technology.

A recent report from the WHO (World Health Organisation) outlined that approximately 17.5 per cent of the adult population – roughly one in six worldwide – experience infertility. Through these patient stories, Sims IVF aims to open up a dialogue around what infertility means to the people who are affected by it – including the individuals themselves, partners, families, and friends.

Sorcha’s Journey

Sorcha is 29 years of age and her journey began when she discovered that she had a low AMH (anti-müllerian hormone) count. Sorcha is also a Quality Officer with Sims IVF.

Sorcha said: “One of my friend’s discovered that she had a low AMH and had gone through the egg freezing process with Sims IVF. It was at that point that I started to think maybe it was something I should look into, but I didn’t think much of it. I did the tests and when it turned out that my AMH was so low, I felt like my body was totally betraying me. But by taking the first step and talking about it so candidly with my doctor, I felt much better about the journey ahead.”

Learn more about Sorcha’s story here.

Nicola and Anthony’s Journey

Nicola and Anthony are parents to two beautiful children, their journey began when they learned that they both had fertility difficulties. Nicola said: “I didn’t know anything about fertility at the start – and googling is the worst thing to do! I was learning the whole way about worked for me, but it’s a lot and can be scary. But I’m not the only going through it. Yes, I was the one physically going through it, but Anthony is going through it as well. So, I found it challenging that not many people talked about it, we barely talked about it with anyone at the start. It was just us and the unknown. I wish we had known a little more.”

Learn more about Nicola and Antony’s story here.

According to Sims IVF patients, people on fertility journeys have asked that parents and family just need to listen to them and should not try to give advice; stop asking when they are going to have children; people should educate themselves and find out about fertility treatment and the process. Finally, when out socialising, do not question why they are not drinking and please, do not keep news from them like someone in the family having a baby and not telling the couple as this might upset them.

To learn more about their journey, see Sorcha’s journey part 1 – YouTube

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