Inchicore girls go viral with a video calling for more amenities

by Dublin Gazette
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An innovative video from a number of students at a school in Inchicore has gone viral, as they voice their honest thoughts of growing up in the area.

The video was made by Transition Year students at Mercy Secondary School, demanding improvements to the area’s facilities and for improvements in the upkeep of the area as part of their ‘Give Mercy to Inchicore’ project.

They have also conducted a survey within their school on whether others think Inchicore is safe – only 51% said yes – or if they have experienced anti-social behaviour in the locality, to which 71% of respondents said yes.

Speaking to Dublin Gazette, the group said: “We were inspired to make a change and make Inchicore a better place to live; we want to feel safer in our community.

“We wanted to voice our opinions and put forward our suggestions to make improvements and be involved in the community’s development. We want to seek new opportunities.

“The lack of amenities and opportunities presented in our area is worrying and we wish to contact people in power who can help us make a change and offer us the advantages that teens from other more well-off areas have access to.

“The youth here in Inchicore are hugely inspiring and with more facilities we could achieve wonderful things.”

The impact that the video has had has led to the girls visiting the Seanad alongside local senator Catherine Ardagh.

The group said they believe engaging with local councillors and senators is a way of making ‘impactful’ change for their area.

“We feel that making connections with local TDs, senators and councillors can be very informative and impactful.

“Social media has been an astounding platform that we have used to our advantage in voicing and promoting our concerns and hopefully what we have shared will inspire other teenagers to have their voice heard too.”

For more on the project, visit the group’s Facebook page.

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