Illegal dumping in Palmerstown leads to prosecutions calls

by Padraig Conlon
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Ongoing problems with illegal dumping at an estate in Palmerstown has led to calls for prosecutions.

Inconsiderate dumpers have been leaving rubbish bags beside a “No Dumping” sign in Woodfarm Acres Estate for the past few weeks.

Now angry residents are running out of patience and among their fears are concerns over vermin and other hygiene related issues due to the build-up of rubbish.

Recently elected Independent Councillor for Palmerstown-Fonthill, Alan Hayes told Dublin Gazette those responsible must stop “immediately”.

“Woodfarm Acres is a large housing estate of almost 400 homes and naturally, there is a lot of work involved to keep it looking well,” he said.

“There are some very dedicated Tidy Towns volunteers living there.

“The way we work our Tidy Towns in Palmerstown is as a Meitheal, meaning residents from the various estates and roads work together to keep the common areas looking well and then we help each other out in our own estates as needs be.

“As a result of community clean ups organised by residents and the Meitheal in the past, there has been an agreement with SDCC to collect green waste and litter from the common areas of the estate.

“This is done using the official SDCC biodegradable bags and with an agreed collection point and time for SDCC.”

Cllr Hayes explained how the current problems with illegal dumping have come about.

“What started to happen about two years ago was that some people were cleaning outside their own houses on a more regular basis and leaving the green waste and litter at the same spot for collection,” he said.

“We want to encourage this type of civic minded action because if everyone adopted the patch outside their own home, it would build community spirit and pride of place, not to mention we’d be winning Tidy Towns awards every year.

“The problem occurs when people use the collection point to dispose of their own garden waste and on occasion, domestic waste too.

“This is illegal and it needs to stop.

“Some of those dumping here are not living in the estate, they drive in and leave their rubbish and drive away again.

“We need residents to tell their neighbours and friends that this is not a free dumping space, it is for organised clean-ups only and it is done in agreement with SDCC through the official Palmerstown Meitheal Tidy Towns.

“If an area has a formal residents group, they can also request the same from SDCC, but it must be organised properly.

“Anything else is illegal dumping and should be followed up by the litter warden.

“We need those who are travelling to the area to dump their waste to cease immediately.

“If photos are obtained and witnesses willing to give a statement, there will be prosecutions for this.

“SDCC operate a social credits scheme, you apply for the social credits and organise your clean-up, then you can choose from a range of rewards from Council owned/operated facilities such as leisure club passes, Ballymount recycling passes and more.

“If any residents are interested in this, they can contact myself or the council directly.”

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