IADT student funds own film after Lake Como festival win

by Gary Ibbotson
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A final year student at IADT Dun Laoghaire, who last year won a prestigious award at the Lake Como Film Festival, has recently finished directing one of his “biggest films” to date.

Max Barry from Stillorgan, says his film ‘Post Love’, is “a heart-warming comedy that follows three elderly women who rob post offices along the west coast of Ireland in order to break free from their mundane lifestyle.”

With the film being shot between January 13 and 20, Barry says it was a “crazy week” as the crew travelled between Carnew, Newtownmountkennedy and rural parts of western Ireland.

On the first leg of the journey in Carnew, Barry says the crew caused a bit of a stir in the local chipper while trying to film.

Apparently, rumours had spread around the town that Ed Sheerhan was involved.

However, Barry says the town welcomed them “with open arms” and was “an honour to be working in such a beautiful location.”

To fund the film, Barry saved €6,000 over four years while studying at college and the movie will ultimately play a role in his final grade.

When describing the film, Barry says it has the “classic Irish humour of Father Ted or Young Offenders but with a Hollywood feel, you don’t have to be from Ireland to find this film funny.”

Although made with a limited budget, Barry and his team aim to have the film premiere at the National Film School of Ireland in May before doing the festival circuit in the Summer months.

The filming of ‘Post Love’ follows on from Barry’s success at the Lake Como Film Festival last July.

Barry, producer Erik Scarsella and head camera man Tiernan O’Rourke were selected to go to Lake Como and take part in the Filmlakers contest, as part of the larger festival.

The trio, alongside seven other teams from Italy and abroad, were given one week to produce and direct a short film set in one district of Como.

Given the mountain town of Civiglio to film in, the trio created, ‘Benito’, a film about an elderly old man looking for love but consistently coming up short.

The contingent ultimately won both top prizes at the contest – winning the jury vote and audience award.

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