Hopes for a development at former Foxhunter site

by Alen McMahon
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Security guards have been spotted at the site of the former Foxhunter pub, spurring some people to believe that development at the location is set to begin.
The site was due to be redeveloped into an Avoca store, which was expected to open in March of last year.
The application submitted by Avoca’s Simon Pratt created a huge amount of interest from local residents and it was anticipated that the company would create up to 50 new jobs for the area.
However, doubts arose earlier last year when its development hit an unexpected snag due to complicated legal-contractual problems.
Ownership of the premises at present remains unknown, but since a number of security guards were spotted on the site many residents from the area have contacted their local representatives looking for information.
Lucan Cllr Ed O’Brien (FF), who received several calls from residents said: “After I got reports of security guards at the location I went down there myself to make enquiries.
“A security man told me that he was sent there due to people hanging around the area.
“Whoever owns the property has just taken measures to secure it. It’s a wide open site and if it wasn’t secured it could be broken into or could be targeted by anti-social behaviour.”
One media group reported that Noonan’s, a company that specialises in out-sourcing solutions for a wide range of services, have been deployed to provide protection for the site.
Cllr O’Brien added that it is a “massive disappointment” that Avoca will not be taking over the premises.
“Every week I make inquiries about it and run into a brick wall every time.
“I can’t think of any other development over the past number of years that has gotten residents so excited.
“It peaked a huge amount of interest and the site was ideal for an Avoca store, but unfortunately it has all come to nothing.”

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